A zombie's head, illustrated.

Quentin Hill.

And as is with such things,
the sad state things are in.



Blood Eagle

The victim is laid prone, face up. The chest is cut open through the rib cage, and the lungs are pulled out, and placed on the chest like wings. this allows the victim to watch themselves take their final breath. There have been only two mentions of this method in Norse mythology, and there is some debate whether it was ever carried out in the real world. (Source)


Self Cannibalization

The primary driver of decomposition is the organisms living in the body. With the host dead, it can no longer keep the organisms in check, and the body is devoured from the inside out. (Source)

Coffin Birth

If a women dies while still pregnant, the eventual gases from decomposition in some cases push the deceased fetus out in what’s called a “coffin birth”. (Source)

Postmortem Priapism

In rare cases, usually after a swift and violent death, a corpse can exhibit priapism (an erection). (Source)

Prosector’s Wart

Prosector’s Wart is a skin lesion caused by contamination with tuberculosis of a diseased cadaver during its preparation for autopsy by a prosector, a preparator of dissections. (Source)


Scientists have found “Frankenstein” mummies in Scotland. Two bodies were made out of 6 people. (Source)


Hundreds of Buddhist monks have attempted to mummify themselves by eating only nuts and seeds and drinking poisonous tea before sealing themselves alive in a tomb. About 24 successful mummifications have been recorded, and these 24 are regarded as Buddhas. (Source)


There was a form of Icelandic witchcraft involving “Necropants” where someone would flay the skin off the legs of a friend’s corpse, steal a coin from a widow, and then wear the skin with the coin in the scrotum. The ritual was supposed to bring wealth. (Source)

Corpse Honey

An ancient legendary Chinese/Arabian confection was made by steeping cadavers in honey for 100 years. It was reputedly able to cure broken limbs. (Source)

Zoroastrian Funerals

Followers of the Zoroastrian religion believe that burying corpses would pollute the earth, so they place the bodies of the dead on the top of a “tower of silence” to be eaten by birds. (Source)

🛑 Crimes Against Humanity 🛑

These are extremely disturbing. Everything in this section has happened in real life to real people. These are not for those with any sense of decency. You have been warned. Go to the top of the page.



Frostbite Testing

Individuals had their limbs doused in water, then frozen. Once the limbs were frozen, they were bludgeoned to determine the effects of frostbite.

Weapon Testing

Individuals were tied to posts, and subjected to various gases and flamethrowers.