The Motel

So I was driving down to a conference for work. The official hotel was packed so I had to settle for the motel on the side of the highway. The kind that looked like it was built in the 70’s with ugly architecture.

I registered and checked in with the clerk as usual, but before she gave me the key, she said that I’d be passing by an old door and under any circumstances I’m not to try to see inside the room for any reason. I humored her and went to my room but my curiosity got the better of me as I saw the door itself. It was a really old door, almost as if the owners renovated the hotel around it and left it alone. I figured I’d try to inspect it late at night when everyone was asleep.

So around after midnight, I got out of bed and quietly made my way to the old door. I found it was locked and suspected that it was locked from the outside. Fortunately it was one of those old doors where you could look through the keyhole so I knelt down and peered inside.

I saw a pretty dilapidated room. The wall paper was stained and there was dust everywhere. There were things strewn on the floor as if someone was in a hurry to leave. But what surprised me was a pale white mannequin facing the corner of the room. I guess the hotel owners used this room as a kind of storage. What was strange was the mannequin wasn’t in any of the usual poses. It just stood there with its arms to the side. I just kind of shrugged and went to bed.

The next day I hear some shuffling in the room as I walked by it after the conference and thought maybe one of the employees had shifted some of the stuff inside. So that night I returned and peered through the keyhole only to see something blood red blocking my view of the room. I thought for some reason it was just some red fog machine but it didn’t dissipate. Shrugging it off again, I returned to bed.

The day I checked out, the clerk asked me if I had looked into the room with the old door. Feeling a little guilty, I said no. She nodded and said, “Good. That room is actually haunted. 29 years ago, a couple had checked into that room. The husband went crazy for some reason and murdered his wife then killed himself.”

I kind of shuffled uncomfortably but she continued, “Although the strangest thing was about the wife though. You see, her skin was just the most pale white you’ve ever seen.

“…and her eyes were the most blood red eyes I have ever seen.”